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Earlier this week, I noted a sudden change in style in Judge Parker. This prompted what I am reasonably sure is my very first comics insider tip. The tipster has asked to remain anonymous, and I have no idea how accurate any of the info is, but I’m passing it on to all of you … the short version is, new Judge Parker artist Eduardo Barreto for circumstances beyond this control (not due to dissatisfaction with his work) had take a bit of time off from the strip. He’s back at work already, but we’re just now getting the strips from his absence (remember that there’s a multiweek lead time with this stuff). This week’s strips are being done by none other than Graham Nolan, of Rex Morgan and Sunday Phantom fame. (Woody Wilson is the writer of both JP and RMMD, for what it’s worth.) He was only able to do it for a week because of his other commitments, so we’ll be getting another artist for the rest of the month, with Barreto back in January.

Today’s strip in particular looks quite Morganic. Many people noticed that Randy looked a lot like Rex, which isn’t going to help him convince anyone that he’s “the marrying kind.”

My source tells me that Barreto has actually ghosted for Nolan in the past, which goes a long way towards explaining this and this.