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Jeez, y’all have been busy little commentors over the weekend, haven’t ya? Anyway, new comics coming soon, but I thought I’d reiterate clarify a few comment-related matters:

  • The spam filter is an automated, capricious beast. It is necessary to keep me from going insane — without it, I would get literally thousands of spam comments a day — but if it decides that you are a spammer, sometimes it will “retro-spank” your old comments — that is, find comments that have been around for a while and zap them. I will retrieve them if I can but I’m not always able to do so. This also mucks with the numbering system of the comments; apologies, but it is the best I can do.
  • I don’t care what you link to in your comments, so long as you’re not just posting outright commercial spam or links to spyware or something. But if you’re linking to something that you might expect someone else to reasonably find objectionable, be polite and make a note of that in your comment.
  • Please don’t get pissy at other commentors, even if they get pissy with you. Especially if they get pissy at you. Really, be a big person and ignore them. Do you want this site to be a center of rage and vitriol like every other site on the Interweb? No, of course you don’t. (Update: Rage and vitriol towards your fellow commentors, I mean. Hate on the Foobs and Hi and Lois all you want.) If things start getting bad, the comments will be banished to the Cockpit, but I can’t police people all the time.
  • Do not throw around racial or homophobic slurs, or deliberately and repeatedly instigate conflict with your fellow commentators. That will get you deliberately added to the spam filter’s blacklist by me, and you will not get out. See the discussion policies, and heed Rule #4.