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Here’s a bunch of links that I’ve been saving up to put in a metapost; there’s enough of it that I didn’t want it to get lost in the weekly Sunday COTW/ad love post (which will be coming soon enough). Anyway, for your interest and delictation:

  • Barfield Loses His Lunch. Garfield seems pretty easy to spoof, but this is one of the better parodies out there. Made up (mostly) of existing Garfield panels that have been rearrangend and subtly altered. Click the arrow at the top of the screen to begin. Warning for the faint of heart and easily disgusted: Not for the faint of heart or easily disgusted, as this hilarous bit demonstrates. (Thanks to many faithful readers for pointing this out to me.)
  • Scroll down on this page for an amusing Slylock Fox spoof.
  • Speaking of our favorite vulpine detective, faitful reader Dean Booth has developed a ethically questionable Web application that allows you to cheat at Slylock Fox‘s Six Differences puzzle. It only works on Internet Explorer, and I’m too lazy to switch to my Windows laptop to try it out, but I assume it will allow you to amaze your friends with your six-difference-spotting prowess. It costs you nothing but your dignity.
  • Finally, faithful reader yellojkt continues with his March Madness Comics Competition tradition. This year, he’s running the National Coolest Comics Character Contest, which you get to vote in! Already up are the Most Realistic Comics Teenager and Most Precocious Kid categories; coming soon are competitions for sexy ‘toons, evil anthropomorphic animals, and, of course, ambiguously gay duos.