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OK, kids, you know what time it is! Here’s this week’s top commment:

GT: I guess the lesson is that girls shouldn’t play sports because they don’t think it’s okay to beat your own skull in and pin it on some other guy. Hey ladies, it wasn’t that kind of can’t-do attitude that made this country great.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

And the runners-up, hilarious as always:

“Who knew you could get hassled by the man for walking while black in Africa?” –Mac

“Pentagon Briefing, 3/31/07. Gen Halftrack, CO of Camp Swampy, was observed painting furniture on his porch by civilians. Recommended action: Assassination.” –reader-who-posts

“I see Mark’s friend, Dan, somewhere on a beach. A well-built man next to him says something in French; Dan doesn’t understand. The man repeats, in English: ‘It’s hot, no?’ Dan glances at the man over the top of his Ray-Ban sunglasses, takes a sip of a tall drink, and utters, ‘Yes, it’s hot.’ As the sun sets on the horizon, past tropical trees and ocean waves. Back in Lost Forest, Andy digs up the bones of Sally.” –Dingo

“Speaking of Albert Pinkham Ryder, I was fascinated by that Death on a Pale Horse painting as a kid. I had no idea the guy who painted it was so damned annoying. And boring.” –John C Fremont

“I love how Dennis’ mom’s face just reeks of epiphany. ‘Say…maybe birthing and cleaning the clothes of this poor man’s Fritz Katzenjammer ISN’T the pinacle of my existence!'” –Mack

“Were Margo to die, the decomposition of her rotting corpse would be more entertaining than Lu Ann.” –TurtleBoy

“Poor April. Now that she’s 16 she’s obliged to dress like a cross between Nikki Sixx and Ivana Trump. It’s Canadian law.” –Motorposus

“It’s nice to see that the ‘raising a little hell’ April’s birthday song referred to means ‘remaining a complete prude.'” –Tats

GT: Those two may put the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional, but we all know it’s Mary Worth that adds the ‘unction.'” –Foobar

“Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can — as long as someone else does it.” –Lizardmess

“Yeah, Liz seems to be in a Schrodinger’s Cat thing of simultaneously unresolved frump or babe. If we open the box, she … Heh. Open the box.” –Jack Parsons

“I say, bring back Gary Dent. He didn’t hide behind word balloons. He let his hands do the talking.” –True Fable

“The guy in panel 3 of Gil Thorp has some interesting glasses, insofar as you can’t see his son’s hand through the lenses. Maybe they live in Reversistan, where the whites of eyes are black and glasses are for not seeing.” –Steve S

“The holes the Mudlark baseball team have to fill include shortstop, middle reliever and gaping plot-.” –t.a.m.s.y.

“You know, other families stage interventions when somebody’s in a self-destructive spiral of booze, drugs, gambling, sex, or other debauchery. The Pattersons have staged an intervention to try and convince a grown man with a wife and family and over $25,000 in the bank that it’s time to buy a house and let his baby sister have her bedroom back.” –No Evil Monkeys

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