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Ah, back in Baltimore again! Gotta go wash off that (extremely) fabulous Rehoboth Beach sand, but you are owed, and you will receive, this weeks top comments. #1 goes to this hilarious tribute to Gasoline Alley’s incipient white panic:

“Oh, black people! Lord have mercy! You just give ’em a basketball and they’ll shoot it at a hoop — it doesn’t matter what season it is! Good gracious! I do believe I have the vapors!” –Windier E. Megatons

And the super-hilarious runners up!

“Not even the flowers are safe from Mary’s meddling, and what’s worse is that they can’t run away.” –Cap’nCheetah

“Finally! It’s not really Spider-Man until someone angrily turns off their TV.” –Trilobite

“I’m not so sure that’s a bee in the final panel. Bees tend to look like insects, rather than hideous fusions of a hummingbird, a wasp, and Ziggy. That one little arm it’s extending towards the window is particularly creepy, as if the poor thing is buzzing ‘Help me! Help me Mary, you killed Aldo, now please, put me out of my quasi-insectile, Kafkaesque misery!'” –Wirrrn

“[Lynn Johnston]’s abandoned all subtlety in her message-mongering, and has resorted to literally having a character harangue people from atop a table.” –Gadge Cubic, Mole Preener

“I thought Charterstone was off-limits to children. Where did those kids in the background of panel two come from? Did condo management decide that there wasn’t enough pee in the pool?” –Darkefang

“Yikes, Mary’s looking a little mannish there in panel one. It’s like they stuck Mary Worth’s head on Mary Worth’s body.” –Anonymous

[Luann]: “Oh, the hilarious innuendo and misunderstandings that will follow! It’ll be like Noises Off meets an episode of Frasier, only much much gayer.” –Lettuce

“For a young doctor, Drew Cory has all of the charisma of an Exodus minister at a rave.” –Dingo

“Did I miss something? The last line in the last panel should read ‘It all makes sense. Wait, no. It doesn’t. I lied and you’re a moron.'” –Foolster41

“Watching Vera attempt to be mysterious and seductive is a bit like watching a four-year-old try to explain how a car works: it’s mostly a stream of nonsense and gibberish, and while it’s amusing, it really isn’t going to lead anywhere.” –Trilobite

“Did they keep the condom that broke? That’s gotta be in there somewhere.” –alamo

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