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Quick thing #1: It’s a good thing I didn’t follow my basest instincts and do some kind of Pluggers-themed routine for ROFL, because apparently that’s old news in the New York comedy world. Laugh at the pluggers now, effete New York intellectuals! But you’ll be sorry when you need their simple down-home wisdom! Or their crappy dressers!

Quick thing #2: Life imitates Mark Trailin China!

On Monday, an aircraft collided with a flock of nine pigeons but managed to land safely, the newspaper said. It said the birds were carrier pigeons raised by a farmer living nearby.

The airport has strung nets and tried to scare away pigeons with loudspeakers that broadcast sounds of owls and other predators but has had little success, the China Daily said.

Looks like those Chinese fellas need the help of a Right Hook o’ Justice™.

Kids, I am fleeing the steamy heat of Baltimore for a weekend at the Delaware shore. This post is a COTW-unmonitored zone once again (one of these days I’m going to get a comment-monitoring intern for my absences). Comments of the week Sunday night, and new comics Monday!