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I probably won’t get to new comics until late-ish tonigh, so to tide you over, here are some fab photos from the Land of the Rising Sun! Faithful reader CrabbyGenes, who is a resident of Japan, recently met up with a visitor:

I met SecretMargo in Tokyo today, and we had a great time eating lunch, coffee-shop hopping, buying a book or two, and talking about anything and everything under the sun — including Comics Curmudgeon, of course!

We couldn’t find anything really famous or recognizable in the part of Tokyo we were in to use as a background for the photo. So we just found something that looked Japanese-y. We asked the guy who was handing out the free fans we are holding to take two of the pictures for us. The background and fans are “manga”-ish, but I think they’re just the advertising gimmick for the pachinko parlour we’re posing in front of — the name of which is “Green Peas Pachislo Tower.” You can see it printed in English on the carpet in one of the photos. (Great name!)

SecretMargo is of course sporting his Molly the Bear shirt. Such surrealist shirt slogan/logo combos are of course par for the course in Japanese fashion, so presumably he didn’t raise any eyebrows with it. However, if this photo from the always-amusing is any indication, Japan is already on the ironic comics t-shirt bandwagon:

(Thanks to faithful reader Dan the Wis for the tip!)