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On this final day of the Comics Curmudgeon Garage Sale, I have three important announcements –

One – From his vacation paradise at scenic Secret Location, Josh extends a hearty “thank you” for all the generous contributions he’s received during the past week. Josh says, “You folks are great!”

Two – Today only, the Garage Sale is featuring a two for one closeout promotion. That’s right! For every contribution received on Friday, September 7, Josh promises to be twice as grateful! Even if you’ve already made a generous contribution, you won’t want to pass up this chance! Thank you thank you!

Three – Is there a post you really don’t want to see? I bet there is! In response to popular demand, The Comics Curmudgeon is now accepting sponsored post suppression! It’s easy!

a) choose a post from the list below
b) make a generous contribution at the Tip Jar, then email uncle.lumpy& and tell me which one to suppress. I’ll make sure it never sees the light of day!

Choose from these great posts you don’t have to see — for a price!

1) Mr. Tweedy and Hazel — one-panel workstyles from the fifties!
2) Adventure themes in Out Our Way
3) Chennux Returns!
4) Milton Caniff — the Terry and the Pirates years (a 4-part series)
5) Linguistic Themes in Our Boarding House — FAP!! KAFF!!
6) The Yellow Kid vs. The Katzenjammer Kids — Battle of the Kids!
7) All Family Circus, ALL THE TIME!

Give now! Give generously! Thank you thank you!

— Uncle Lumpy