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Rex Morgan, M.D., 9/8/07

“I can bring home the bacon;
“Fry it up in a pan —
“And never, never, never let you forget
“You’re a total idiot.

The Phantom, 9/8/07

This plot could go either way: “Ghost-Who-Cleans-up-Neighborhoods” or “Ghost-Who-Defends-Intellectual-Property.” But if I were little Tendai, I’d lay off the illegal downloads for a while. Just sayin’.

Mark Trail, 9/8/07

Here we have almost the entire Mark Trail gradient of good and evil: bald good-hearted Homer Moore, balding conflicted Mr. Thomas, shady sideburned Tom. NEXT: Tom hires ZZ Top and a gang of Hasidic rebbes to beat sense into Homer.

Funky Winkerbean, 9/8/07

Signs of the End Times: Nobody in this picture is maimed or dying. Everybody’s smiling.

Thanks to everybody who hit the Tip Jar or sent Josh a check this week, and for everybody’s patience with a week-long fundraiser. Judging by my mail and the comments, it looks like it was a big success; I know Josh will be thanking contributors individually once he’s back Sunday evening.

— Uncle Lumpy