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Well, the King Feature comics appear to be down (curse you, Chennux!), so you may have to wait until Monday for your Sunday comics, but to tide you over until then, here’s the comment of the week!

“I absolutely loved Rex’s expression in the last panel today. He kind of looks like the victim of a drive-by prostate exam.” –Zamboni_Rodeo

And the runners-up!

Creepy DiCaprio face wears an expression that seems to say, ‘I know how many times you drew me, and I know which hand you used.'” –Plus a constant

“I really liked the sad little wave that the flower deliver guy made in the first panel of Mary Worth. He’d been in comics before, usually as one of the guys to fill in the crowd in a Charterstone party scene, but today, they were actually giving him a speaking part. True, it was only ‘Flowers for you, miss,’ but it was his ticket to the big-time. He knew they’d be so impressed with his work, they’d give him a full-time part, maybe as the wacky deliveryman. He might even get his own catchphrase. When he got to the door, though, he choked; his mind went blank. It was just like that time in elementary school during the play. He remembered the laughter — second graders could be so cruel. Still, Vera was a trouper; she managed to grab the roses out of his cold, sweaty, clutching hands. Then, as if in a dream, he saw himself walking away. For some reason he even waved at Vera as he went. Sure, as soon as he was off-panel he managed to blurt out ‘FLOWERSFORYOUMISS!!!’ but it was too late. His one shot, and he’d blown it. He might as well move back to Indiana. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” –Jason Smith

“Why does Vera dress like Janet Reno? All the time. I know there’s a section at the department store that contains clothes like these, along with housecoats and sans-a-belt pants, but you have to be, like, 65 to shop there. It’s the law.” –Burning Prairie

“You know what I’ve noticed about Beetle Bailey? The tanks are just adorable. In fact, most of their military hardware is downright fluffy. I wonder if in the bizarre world of Beetle Bailey, where infantrymen occasionally drive tanks, they’re preparing for World War Cute.” –Gabe

Luann: “Actually, TJ, you’re getting off lucky. At least Tiffer is making a deal up front instead of making off with the profits with the express purpose of a purchase of nose candy. Fifty-fifty seems better than fair under these circumstances. Remember, Tiffany has a lot of balls in the air, and two of them are yours.” –Jamus The Bartender

Roses are red/ Florists wear blue/ but nobody gives/ a fuck about Drew.” –lunarhalo

“There’s not even a joke in Ziggy! (Which I know is like saying there’s no Vegas showgirls under the sea.)” –dogwallow

o nki u so fn, u so fn u blw m mnd, hy nki” –Sans Sense

“Every time I think this can’t get more depressing, Batiuk proves me wrong. Today, Les’s wallet is stolen by his smirking long-lost twin brother. Tomorrow, he’ll fall into a pile of manure left by a smirking horse taking a smirking couple on a romantic carriage ride through Central Park. Saturday, he’ll be eaten alive by ravenous smirking squirrels.” –Whippersnapper

“Attagirl, panel-three Margo: get your drink arm into prime fauxgnac-splashin’ position in case Mills says something objectionable.” –Josh Millard

“OK, any time you have some guy held over your head in your backyard, somebody’s going to get hurt. Especially when you are clearly high.” –Shmork

“This is as good a time as any to comment on the creepiness of Jamaal’s facial hair.” –praepes

“Cully Vale sounds like someone who gets hanged at the end of a Thomas Hardy novel. Or a doublewide housing development. Or both.” –Islamorada Girl

“Yes, it is getting to the point where it’ll be something like, ‘You’re a plugger if you have four fingers and an opposable thumb!’ Which, of course, rules out many construction workers, do-it-yourself-ers, and war veterans … and, frankly, the entire Pluggers cast. But still.” –Jennifer

Also! Apropos of nothing except that I’m always trying to encourage people to take pictures of themselves imitating comics characters: Faithful reader illyanadmc got a haircut recently that looked a bit more Dawn Weston-esque than she had hoped. Seeking to turn lemons into lemonade, she posed for a picture imitating Dawn’s rose-sniffing scene from last Sunday:

Also also! Faithful reader Dingo alerts Chicago-area readers to this event: Scott McCloud of Understanding Comics fame will be giving a talk called “Comics: A Medium in Transition” at Film Row Cinema. It’s open to the public!

Also also also! Faithful readers Jules and Amy are lucky souls whose local newspaper (the Kalamazoo Gazette) actually ran Gil Thorp in print form (in the sports pages, natch). But now it’s been summarily cut! If you’d like to help them keep hope and Gil alive, send a polite letter to sports editor Howard Thomas.

And finally … as ever, it’s time to give our advertisers a holla. (Is that what the kids call it today? A “holla”?)

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