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Well, “review,” anyway. If I may be so bold as to quote faithful reader eyeballpupil, who posted this comment on the last thread:

You guys! Mark Trail Family Theatre was great. There was a bear, and hunky Mark Trail, and naughty sexy Kelly, and Josh! as Ranger Rick with a southern accent. The picture of the bear on the toilet was surprisingly topical. And a special guest appearance at the very end! I won’t spoil the surprise for those of you going to the Saturday shows, you’ll have a great time.

Thanks for your kind words, eyeballpupil, and thanks for coming! (By the way, eyeballpupil, are you the same person as faithful reader Livia [or possibly Olivia, there was a lot of ambient noise while we were talking] who I chatted with a bit last night? If not, then also: Hi Livia [or possibly Olivia]!)

So, there you have it: you’re coming, that’s settled. And, Baltimore-area fans: Faithful reader Minivet is taking the train in from out of town around 5 p.m. and wants to meet up with someone! Show your Charm City hospitality by making arrangements in the forum, or send me your contact info and I’ll forward your address onto him. (I actually met him briefly at SPX last month and he is a charming fellow.)