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This is your last warning, faithful readers: MARK TRAIL THEATER IS HERE! THIS WEEKEND! Salient facts, repeated for those who missed them or forgot:

  • Eight or so minutes of genuine Mark Trail action acted out by me, my wife, and several friends, as one act in the Glitterama variety show.
  • Friday (OH MY GOD THAT’S TODAY) at 8 p.m., Saturday (YES TOMORROW SATURDAY) at 7 p.m. or 10 p.m. Doors open half an hour before showtime.
  • At Load of Fun Studios, 120 W. North Ave. (corner of Howard Street) in Baltimore.
  • Tickets are $10; not sure if you can still order them online at this late date, but you can definitely buy them at the door.

I have heard from several people in both Baltimore and from further afield who are coming to see the show! Unfortunately, I have to help organize stuff for the show and can’t hang out with folks; however, if you’d like to meet up in advance to form a block of Mark Trail-cheering awesomeness, I’ve created a special forum thread for you to arrange things!