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You were all good, so now you get your delayed-by-one-day comment of the week!

“Mark Trail sounds like Keanu Reeves, without the emotion.” –ltrftp(not so first time)

And let’s not forget the runners up:

“My God, Lu Ann is actually, literally excited to watch paint dry.” –Yahtzee

“From now on, Funky Winkerbean is going to focus on the basics: No talking. No plots. Just smirking.” –Francis

“A porn of Gil Thorp would just bomb/ even if filmed for your palm/ You’d painfully watch/ through what might be the crotch/ of a one-legged stud going GLOM!” –lunarhalo

“Awww. Tommie gets kissed. In 2012, Tommie will get laid, thus fulfilling the ancient Mayan prophecy of the end of days for planet Earth.” –True Fable

“Anthony is so creepy looking. Here I thought it was the ‘stache; turns out, no, it’s his face.” –Groovymarlin

“Well, it looks like we’ll finally see what it looks like when Mary Worth dumps a boyfriend. Based on how everything else gets done in this comic strip, I’m guessing the best adjective to describe it will be ‘anticlimactic.'” –Trilobite

“Alternately, it could be that ‘Let me tell you something…’ is Mary Worth’s way of segueing into a grandly produced musical number which, knowing Mary as we do, would likely consist of a high-pitched, incapacitating shrieking noise and subsequent devouring of Dr. Jeff’s juicy ligaments. But with jazz hands!” –Tats

“Apparently, Mary et al. are sitting in the no-eye-contact section. Welcome to the Bum Boat! Try the As-burgers.” –SmartPeopleOnIce

“In an attempt to put himself into the unknown murderer’s mind, Mark uses his finger as a fake mustache.” –Wili

“Unless there was a very long pause between panels, the couple in the background apparently managed to travel about 20 feet in a span of a half-second. They’ve obviously overheard Dr. Jeff’s criticism, and they know the walls will soon be dripping with blood. It’s a reaction not unlike what you would see in a Wild West saloon just before a gunfight.” –Eric the Grate

“Dr. Jeff would be better off, and safer, back in the godforsaken jungle from whence he was plucked by Our Mary, winner of the Nobel Prize in Smugonomics.” –jvwalt

“I think it would be interesting for a strip like [Hi and Lois] to suddenly have its characters move, but instead of following them, stay in the same house and start following the adventures of the new, and presumably more fiscally responsible, family that moves in. The Flagstons can drop by occasionally to look around ‘for old times’ sake,’ surreptitiously sliding silverware and small electronics into their pockets as Trixie distracts them with her babyish squalling and her soiled baby clothes, both of which are all the disquieting now that she’s nearly forty.” –SecretMargo

“Luckily for Mary, she has at least 3,000 lavender pantsuits, so Chester eating one isn’t too big a deal.” –Citric

“I’m going with a major sedative. Abbey will wake up in a bathtub full of ice with a phone and a note on Monday. Will her organs be sold on the black market for transplant or sold in the farm store?” –Kaitlyn

“I had such a sheltered childhood. Believe it or not, I’m 24 years old and until this day I never knew the true meaning of April Fool’s Day. I thought it was some sort of practical-joking spree, but evidently it’s really the day when a seven-foot tall demonic snowman comes to your door, which you must slay by stabbing a well-waxed pair of skis through its frozen heart. I missed out on so much!” –Jordan

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