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Ack! I used faithful reader Brown-Eyed Girl’s pic of an anarchist Santa, but have been terribly remiss in relaying her meetup report! Let’s make amends now! Here it is, straight from her mouth (or typing fingers, anyway):

Oregon mudges Deena in OR, Brown-eyed Girl, gnome de blog, and redlikerubies met up at Powell’s Bookstore in downtown Portland. (leathermessiah was supposed to join us, but foolishly chose academic obligations over fun. Silly leathermessiah). The sun actually shone that day, which I take as a sign that the deity was well-pleased that another Comics Curmudgeon meet-up had occurred. As it happened, our table was right next to the comics section. Of course we posed in front of
the display. Deena in OR is holding Dykes to Watch Out For, I have Family Circus, gnome de blog chose a general book on comics, while redlikerubies found a particularly heinous For Better or For Worse. (Photography by Mr. redlikerubies, who patiently waited while we scrabbled through the shelves and was an all-around good sport.)

If you’d like to meet up with your fellow readers, check out the meetup forum! A quick glance shows that there’s a big one brewing in New Orleans for December 26…