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Mary Worth, 12/16/07

We’ve seen this enormous concrete staircase to nowhere before in Mary Worth. When it last appeared at a Charterstone pool party, I speculated that it led to a platform for human sacrifice. But perhaps it will actually turn out to be the spot where tiny dogs battle it out for tiny dog supremacy over Charterstone. I can just see Mary being the type to be all sweetness and light and Leo Buscaglia quotes before Chester loses in a fight, and then her love for him vanishes in a puff of disgust when she sees that her dog is a cowardly cur. Only the toughest gets to hold coveted title of Mary’s Dawg!

A more pleasant possibility is that the top of the stairs will serve as the stage for the incident that will forever go down in Charterstone lore as The Humping. Mary, having never experienced or even seen actual sexual contact before, will simply faint dead away.

Apartment 3-G, 12/16/07

Oh, Margo! So unused to being denied what you want for any length of time, you can’t help but race to the finish line the moment the L-bomb is dropped. I’d feel bad for you if you weren’t a preening, narcissistic sociopath with the blood of who knows how many innocents on your hands.

Eric’s fish-lipped look of horror in the final panel is definitely one of this strip’s classic moments. “Gosh, I always thought the moment I got engaged would feel … more special,” he seems to be thinking. “And I certainly didn’t think it would involve anyone dressed like Han Solo.”