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Hey all, weird stuff seems to be happening with the site. If you can post a comment on the site, please do so on this thread. If not, please email me and let me know what kinds of errors you might be seeing.

UPDATE: OK, thanks for all your messages — it’s pretty clear that a number of things are going wrong, but I’m completely baffled as to the potential cause. If any of you are clever with how WordPress (the software that powers this blog) works, I’ve posted a summary of what seems to be going on in the WordPress support forums, so if you think the gory details would help you help me, please have a look! Until then, I apologize but comments are down…

UPDATE II: Yay! Things seem to be back up and running again thanks to a timely bit of advice from faithful reader/Wordpress guru/close personal friend Dalton! In addition to be a Jedi master in the ways of Web development and an all-around stud, Dalton also has a blog showcasing his awesome photography that you should totally check out. (UPDATE III: This means that you can stop posting test comments, by the way. Thanks to everyone who helped me diagnose this with their test comments and e-mails!)