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Crock, 1/20/08

I’m less concerned about the ever-hapless Figowitz than I am for the fish. I realize that fish don’t have eyelids, but the poor beastie’s little frownie face makes it look as if he’d been pumped full of air (or something — is that a caulk gun?) and then sent on to Crock for consumption while still alive. Worse, he’s been treated in some devilish way that has allowed him to pass through the cooking process from scaly gray to golden brown while remaining inflated. I’d look unhappy too, I think.

Panels from Dennis the Menace, 1/20/08

I’m kind of at a loss to explain the throwaway panels in today’s Dennis the Menace. Are they some kind of allegory on international politics? Margaret in her beret represents the Europeans, who spend much of their GNP on social programs and can’t understand why the Americans (represented by Dennis in his blue jacket and red-and-white striped hat) invest so heavily in “ammunition” (i.e. defense programs). Will the two sides ever learn to see eye to eye? Or will Dennis just paste Margaret in the back of the head?

Mary Worth, 1/20/08

Dr. Drew, you show us all that chivalry isn’t dead! He’s well aware that his checked sports coat is a aesthetic crime against all that is good and holy, but he’s also seen how Vera dresses, and he knows that a gentleman always makes sure that his lady isn’t wearing the ugliest thing in the room.