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Item the first: Faithful reader Pogoer points me to this story which reveals what most of us probably had guessed: They’ll Do It Every Time will be closing up shop forever after the last of the Al Scaduto-penned panels runs on February 2. I have weirdly mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I always rail against zombie strips, and while I’m still sad over Al’s passing, the 100 or so newspapers that ran TDIET now represent 100 slots for aspiring new cartoonists to try to break into the industry. (Let’s hope the papers do give some unknowns an opportunity to find an audience, instead of “getting that Family Circus cartoon we’ve heard so much about.”) But, since Scaduto was the third artist TDIET had in its tenure, part of me wonders what it might have been like to give the feature to someone young who had a very different style and see what they might have done with it. I do hope that this blog has in some small part given the feature a bit of a send-off and resurgence in interest in what turned out to be its last few years.

Item the second: Many, many faithful readers have pointed me in the direction of Lasagna Cat. What, you might ask, is Lasagna Cat? I could tell you that it’s a series of short videos in which Garfield strips are acted out live (and which feature an actual person in a Garfield suit), each followed by a somewhat longer video that matches a light-rock favorite with images from the strip, but that doesn’t even begin to capture how awesome and bizarre the videos are. By all means, check it out for yourself before Paws, Inc.’s wrath is unleashed!