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Hey kids! COTW time, but two items real quick-like first:

  • I keep meaning to link to faithful reader True Fable’s 2007 Bee Grinding Awards in the forums. Read and heed, and contribute your own best of 2007!
  • If this news story is any indication, things in the Milford High athletics department have gone badly off the rails. Will this finally get Coach Thorp fired? (Thanks to faithful reader Paul for the tip.)

And now, without further ado … the comment of the week!

“Just be glad Billy’s touching Jeffy’s threehead and not his threeskin.” –SpiffBereft

And the runners-up!

“Thank you, Michael, for making me feel like a great parent compared to you, even though I don’t have kids. Have fun with the bleeding and screaming.” –Poteet

“‘You’re not hungry, you’re bored!’ Yeah, sorry Dad, we were just reading your book.” –Poewar

Steve Bryant’s Gil Thorp is edgy and excellently executed, but it just doesn’t scream ‘Milford’ like the artwork currently ripped straight from the pages of the 1968 Sears and Roebuck catalog. It would be like replacing crash test dummies with real people in the automotive safety laboratories: as long as Gil and Kaz are using mannequins on the court, no real people will be injured in the making of the strip.” –Pastor Z

“I think ‘doodle date’ is supposed to be a play on the phrase ‘due date,’ which just makes it sound like only the pregnant comic artists are retiring. Crankshaft would probably be in favor of that, what with hating both women and children.” –jules

“So, lemme see if I’ve got this: Rex has slid into a hole. He doesn’t want to move out of it and now wants Nikki to do all of the work. Nikki has to communicate what he wants and Rex expects others to join them. Yeah, the strip is exactly where I expected it to be.” –Dingo

“I was thinking that Rex had fallen into some kind of cave or mineshaft or something serious like that. By the look of things today, he’s not even in a hole. He’s standing on level ground at the bottom of a gentle slope barely higher than his head. I would throw this tree branch down for him, but I’m using it to suspend my disbelief.” –Joe Btfsplk

“At least Curtis still goes to school, unlike certain comic strip teachers. Apparently the last time Liz Patterson actually taught was also on a Sunday, though that was probably because it was the only day she could squeeze into her busy schedule of staring blankly as she acquiesced.” –off-model

Today’s Mary Worth uses very clear foreshadowing to indicate that our Drew will plummet over the side of that embankment. If there’s anything I’ve learned from years of reading Mary Worth, it’s that foreshadowing never leads to anything unless it’s really painfully, painfully obvious. Tomorrow, Drew will just be driving somewhere else, complaining about his love life to himself in a neverending soliloquy, maybe stopping to get gas or eat some pie. If we were meant to remember that Aldo died here, we’d first have seen Mary or Tobey or someone standing right there, pointing and saying, ‘This place here is where Aldo Kelrast died, driving off this here embankment here.’ And this would have taken three weeks.” –Bunnë, Official Comic Execrator

And ad love! We must give it!

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