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Slylock Fox, 4/20/08

I am really beginning to become concerned about the constant persecution of harmless eccentric Count Weirdly. After having been repeatedly detained and hassled by the cops for no reason, sitting in the tank again with only his faithful vulture for his companion, he’s at last decided that only a hunger strike can draw attention to the injustice of his plight. And how do the thuggish police react. “Oh, you’re not Weirdly, you’re probably a robot.” They’ve already denied his essential humanity by marginalizing him as a freak; this is just taking things to their logical conclusion. I’m surprised they didn’t just “test” to see if he was a machine by cutting him open to see if he’s full of wires and stuff.

Marvin, 4/20/08

True, this is yet another installment in Marvin’s intermittent and discomfort-making series on the sex lives of babies. But look on the bright side: “Wee Harmony” positively invites a urination joke that, thankfully, never comes.