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Funky Winkerbean, 4/19/08

Ha ha! It’s funny because Funky looks volcanically angry! He’s no doubt going to physically assault his stepson! It’s wacky!

I know that every generation throughout history has thought that the next generation coming up represents the end of civilization as we know it, and yet civilization continues not to end. Still, I live only a few blocks from the main Johns Hopkins undergraduate campus, so my neighborhood is somewhat lousy with the youth of today, and I am continually appalled by the social situations in which they think it’s acceptable to wear their pajama bottoms — and I’m someone who works at home and wears pajama bottoms pretty much all day. Maybe someday I’ll feel comfortable wearing them to the store, like the kids do, but somehow I doubt it. But I generally take an attitude of wry amusement about it, and don’t, say, glower like I’m about to punch someone in the throat.

Family Circus, 4/19/08

For once, I agree with Jeffy. Life in the Keane Kompound could only be made more entertaining if hungry, hungry zoo animals were set loose there.

Blondie, 4/19/08

Try to visualize exactly how that towel is wrapped around Dagwood’s waist. Now try to tell me that Mr. Dithers isn’t looking at Dagwood’s junk.