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Mary Worth, 6/17/08

Wow, check out Doc Corey in panel two! No longer the doughy doofus of yore, he’s confidently asserting his right to be cowed by the opinions of total strangers — and even sporting an adorable little wisp of chest hair! Faithful reader Daily Comics Reviewer thinks he’s been enmanlied by hate. It could be even simpler: since they went on their “break”, Jeff’s no longer scarfing down the estrogen supplements Mary sneaks into his Cialis bottle.

The Better Half, 6/17/08

Yeah, be careful what you wish for, Stanley.

Family Circus, 6/17/08

Hey Jeff, take a tip from Billy here — want some sweet treats from your white-haired, salmon-clad inamorata? When confrontation fails, try misdirection and deceit.

For Better or For Worse, 6/17/08

Ah, the Patterson women, passing family traditions and simple wisdom across the generations like a beautiful antique wedding gown. Except of course, for April, who just gets screwed.

— Uncle Lumpy