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Apartment 3-G, 6/12/08

And with “Sorry, baby, I didn’t mean to kill your buzz,” the Incredible True Adventures Of Two Intensely Dorky Crackheads In Love (With Crack) officially becomes my favorite non-Margo Apartment 3-G storyline ever. I’m also particularly fond of “Slow down, Haley. I’m too high to think right now.” It’s the periods that really give the dialog the crazed urgency of the drug fiend so addled that he can barely construct a coherent sentence.

Dick Tracy, 6/12/08

The current Dick Tracy storyline is so moronic even by this strip’s standards that I refuse to expend precious energy typing out a summary, but I do want to draw your attention to the “Police Pod Squad” narration box or sign or whatever in the first panel. If all of the cops in Dick Tracy were secretly alien replicants spawned from enormous green space pods that plummeted to Earth from beyond the moon, it would actually explain a lot.

Marmaduke, 6/12/08

Ha ha, they gave Marmaduke a lunch box! It’s as if he’s heading off to his day job as a huge, barking, drooling, nuisance who everybody hates.