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Slylock Fox, 7/14/08

My deep and abiding affection for Reeky Rat has been captured on film, so there’s really no point in denying it any further. Today’s strip is awesome not because he’s rear-ending soft-hearted hippos (though there is that) but because of his stunning fashion choices. We’ve previously seen Reeky in trailer park casual and nothing at all, but today he’s gotten all gussied up, wearing his best fringed vest and no doubt spending hours and a lot of product getting his pompadour fluffed out to epic proportions. The question is, where could Reeky possibly be going that might require this level of sartorial sophistication? My guesses are “uncomfortable visit to babymomma’s parents” and “court appearance.”

Archie, 7/14/08

I don’t normally encourage Photoshoppers to turn objects in innocent family comics into bongs, but there are some days when you just have to run with what they give you.

Gil Thorp, 7/14/08

“You know, the way that Mr. Vargas thought that by the time Elmer finally found out the truth about his immigration status, it wouldn’t matter. Woo-hoo! Web of lies high five!”