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Slylock Fox, 1/18/09

Slylock has been called upon to solve some pretty petty crimes in his day, but never before have we seen him use his powers of ratiocination to compensate for the utter incompetence of his sidekick. And Sly is all smiles and soothing hand gestures, but perhaps some of the ancillary matter in the bottom row of the comic — a penguin cheerfully toting a wide-eyed and terrified fish off to its doom, and a slavering, fanged bear — represent what’s going on in his mind: a desperate hope that one of the many predator animals in the bucolic scene will devour Max and leave him free to find a slightly less moronic assistant.

Panels from Hi and Lois, 1/18/09

The throwaway panels in today’s Hi and Lois are particularly bizarre, with Hi responding to a pleasantry from his wife with rambling, paranoid nonsense. In the second panel, she is clearly closing her eyes and thinking happy thoughts about Chad, the 23-year-old ski instructor.

Funky Winkerbean, 1/18/09

“Yes, when my dad shows up at practice every day, silently and intently watching me and other nubile young teenage girls work out, it sure makes me want to delay having sex … forever, since I plan to flee to Southeast Asia, join a Buddhist nunnery, and take a vow to never speak to another human being again in order to escape him.”