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New comics coming shortly, but first there’s a couple of things I meant to put in yesterday’s COTW post and forgot.

First, faithful reader yellojkt as ever is running some comics bracketology on his blog to go along with the NCAA basketball tournament. This year’s tourney is the National Kinkiest Komic Karacter Kick-Off, and you can vote! Voting is already open for Kinkiest Kouple, Hottest Soap Hunk, and Hottest Comics Barely Legal Babe, with more to come, including Best Bear and Most Dutiful Dominatrix. Vote early, vote often!

Also! I’ve been meaning to put this up for a bit … you might remember a few weeks ago when I compared Hi and Lois to Revolutionary Road. This elicited an email from faithful reader zooby, who found that dialogue from the latter worked quite well in the former. Check it out!