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Dennis the Menace, 7/25/09

It’s possible that Dennis simply lacks the intellectual capacity to be particularly menacing. Certainly the way he and Joey are looking at that shoe, with a sort of earnest puzzlement, doesn’t really speak well of their brainpower. “Hmm, can we eat it? Only one way to find out!”

Gil Thorp, 7/25/09

There’s something wholly unbelievable about this cartoon. It’s not that Coach Kaz has rounded up some no doubt wholly innocent young man after 48 hours of “detective” work, and it’s not that he’s delivered the kid by the scruff of his neck to Gil, with the expectation that swift justice will be dished out in the form of a vicious beating; that all makes total sense. But I refuse to believe that alpha jock couple Gil and Mimi spend their lazy summer afternoons playing chess like a couple of poindexters.

Dick Tracy, 7/25/09

Dick Tracy’s look of intense bug-eyed excitement in the final panel tells it all: though he knows that it’s important to represent himself as a feeling human with at least a tiny glimmer of empathy, any scene where corpses tumble through the air is exactly the sort of thing that he likes the looks of.