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Slylock Fox, 10/4/09

Congrats to Slylock for not simply arresting the first suspect that law enforcement’s attention settled upon and throwing him in prison without trial! I think this is a first for whatever thuggish law enforcement organization he works for. Of course, every female kangaroo in a twelve-mile radius will inevitably be rounded up and waterboarded into confessing the crime, but still, baby steps.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 10/4/09

I think it’s sad that the unrealistic beauty standards of the modern media are having an impact even in rural, isolated Hootin’ Holler, where local morality laws force women to cover their hair and, apparently, forbid them to wear bras.

Funky Winkerbean, 10/4/09

Every single inhabitant of the Funkyverse ought to have a broken heart tattooed on them at birth.