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Shoe, 11/14/09

I’m on the record as considering Buzz, the cantankerous be-hatted coot here, to be Shoe’s most likable character, mostly due to his hilarious combination of senility and aggression. Naturally, I was unsettled to see Roz lecturing him on finishing his food as if he were a child. I was particularly unsettled to see that either (a) Roz has fed him a meal infested with vermin or (b) the massive amounts of prescription medication coursing through his veins are causing him to hallucinate.

Family Circus, 11/14/09

Is Billy really the one to explain to his mother the intricacies of the game? As we can see by his inky black pennant, he appears to be rooting for Evil — in the form of enmity between the two teams or fan bases, or perhaps even in the form of the players’ permanent physical harm — to prevail, no matter which team comes out ahead in the mundane matter of scoring points. At least his appreciation of the spectacle will probably be more sophisticated than Jeffy’s, since the younger Keane boy appears to be cheering for football as an abstract concept, or perhaps for the success of the actual, physical football.

Mary Worth, 11/14/09

“I know that adversity may come our way! That’s why I swear that I will punch each and every obstacle that appears in the path of our glorious love. I will punch them right in the face!”