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Mark Trail, 12/9/09

Oh, yeah, there’s an “old store” “a little way back,” surrre, Mark. I’m pretty sure that this is where the rationalizing about abandoning Rusty to be drowned/eaten begins. “He can’t feel his foot, that means gangrene has probably started to set in … a boy with only one leg can’t survive in the wild, it would be cruel to get him out now. And I’m sure drowning after the tide raises the water level up inch by inch over a matter of hours until it’s above your head is a very relaxing way to go — why, you probably don’t even notice it! Now, to hitchhike back to Lost Forest. I’ll tell everyone Rusty was taken in by a family of friendly swamp folk, I’m sure they’ll buy it.”

Phantom, 12/9/09

So, as a surprise to nobody, Mrs. The Phantom was not actually killed by a terrorist bomb, but has instead been secretly thrown into prison in some case of deliberate mistaken identity. Today’s installment is notable mostly because it seems to indicate that V for Vendetta has come up on somebody’s Netflix queue.

Pluggers, 12/9/09

Pluggers know that the love of an adorable moppet is a load of crap when compared to sweet, sweet, life-giving pills.