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Family Circus, 12/22/09

So why is Grandma smiling? It’s certainly not because Jeffy has opened his mouth and proven, once again, that he doesn’t have the brains God gave a bowling ball; she probably isn’t even marveling at the wonderful advantages that modern capitalism has over the primitive ointment- and precious-metal-based economic systems prevalent in Biblical times. No, I think she’s cracking a little grin because the drugs are finally kicking in. How else do you explain the fact that Jeffy is significantly tinier than PJ, a miniscule Jeffy-homunculus perched in the crook of her arm? He’s probably spouting his idiocy in a squeaky, comical little voice! “Soon,” she thinks, “he’ll be so little that I can just ignore him altogether!”

Mary Worth, 12/22/09

As noted yesterday, the drugs kicked in long ago in Mary Worth. I’m not sure where those hands on Dr. Jeff’s chest are coming from in panel one, but they certainly aren’t attached to Adrian’s arms — at least, they wouldn’t be in the three-dimensionally Euclidean space with which I’m familiar. But in Dr. Jeff’s hash-hazed mind, Adrian’s left shoulder can be behind him but her left hand in front of him. Why not? Time, space, location — all illusions, man! His expression in panel two is that of someone who’s going to describe this new world-theory to you in earnest and incoherent detail for about twenty or thirty seconds before wandering off to go lie down on something.

Mark Trail, 12/22/09

Oh, look, it’s Mark Trail, backwoods hypocrite. Normally he’s all “Those sideburns are the only search warrant I need” and “My fists may be cruel, but they’re not unusual.” But now that he’s the one thrown in jail, all he can talk about is “Wah wah wah rights of the accused wah wah wah” like a little liberal baby. You’re lucky this comical country lawman is so scrupulous about Constitutional provisions for due process, Mark — which you’re no doubt going to exploit, like the nature-terrorist you are.