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Judge Parker, 2/20/10

Oh look, Rocky’s making nice with this paparazzo! That will totally make up for the time not 24 hours earlier when Rocky brutally assaulted him, right in front of a local law enforcement officer, and suffered no consequences for it whatsoever. He gives the hat-tip to Sam for his sudden burst of peaceableness, since it was Sam who told him that he needed to learn to control his temper if he didn’t want his wife divorcing him and taking all of his money away. A cavalcade of human loathsomeness all around!

Perhaps the reason that Rocky didn’t get all punchy again is that, in the world of Judge Parker, pretty people rule; but under the terrifying regime of the stand-in artist, everyone is equally deformed, leaving the inhabitants of the Parkerverse unclear on who exactly is allowed to domineer over whom.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 2/20/10

Don’t worry, though, everyone is still hilariously pretty and dumb over in Rex Morgan. Brook, having attempted bribe Toots out of the house with a sammich as if he were a common hobo, reacts to the return of her terrifying relatives with some kind of flailing dance move/martial arts readiness stance. I cannot wait for the wacky sitcom-style shenanigans that will ensue as Toots spends the next six to eight weeks attempting to lay low in the Morgan basement.