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Folks, I have been pushing myself to the LIMITS OF HUMAN ENDURANCE here at SXSW by trying to fit in show-going and schmoozing and blogging here and elsewhere and writing my show diary for, and reading and collecting your comments has fallen by the wayside! I have only this rather short list of comments, which mostly date from before I left on my trip. They are very funny, but I’m sure there were many funny ones I missed, and I apologize! At any rate, though, here’s the top comment out of the ones I collected:

“Long ago I used to occasionally fantasize about being a beautiful free spirit. The dream is dead.” –Poteet

And the funny runners-up!

“Ha ha, death! Am I right?” –Muffaroo

“It’s now clear what Wilbur and Kurt were up to during the happy days of frolicmania: re-enacting the erotically charged game of accidental touching Wilbur and Abby used to to play in the woods. Kurt took off when Wilbur’s instructions about how to drape the summer dress and how many bangles to wear became too creepily specific.” –Tim Cavanaugh

Phantom: Those folks on the speedboat — what objects are they holding up? Is this just a rowdy post-Oscars celebration that’s about to turn tragic? Best Sound Mixing co-winner Ray Beckett — nooo!” –Walker of Dog

“Toni’s wording in the first panel makes it sound like something is hanging out of her. This is the grossest romance this side of a Cronenberg film.” –skullcrusherjones

“I finally figured out that the dialog in Mark Trail is written by a third grade girl. I’m not sure why this is happening, but it is. Maybe she doesn’t charge much.” –mustang

“Every time Mark opens his mouth about politics I can’t help but notice that the perspective is so terrible in the strip that there must have been a missing second and third panel in which Go-Lar, Tyrant Lord of All Tortoises ate the entire cast in one bite, only to be punched open from the inside by a half-dozed yet perfectly clean man still rambling about senators.” –Black Drazon

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