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Slylock Fox, 4/4/10

I’m actually very pleased to read in the solution that our sassy lion hairdresser has been hypnotized, rather than just being an accessory to the crime. Though if we want any more proof of that, we need only check out Wanda’s hair, which is no better styled than it was when last we saw it. I’m sure he could do better if he had more time to work on her!

I’m also charmed to see that his supply cabinet contains a femur bone among all the hair-styling products. He is a lion hairdresser, after all!

Meanwhile, I don’t think “very happy” even begins to cover the severe chemical imbalance going on the brain of that little boy in the How To Draw feature at the bottom of the page.

Judge Parker, 4/4/10

Have you all been enjoying Luann’s “Mrs. Degroot is uncomfortable because someone wants to have sex with her adult son?” Then get ready for “Sam is achieving bug-eyed levels of discomfort because literally everyone wants to have sex with his adult daughter!”