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Apartment 3-G, 5/22/10

Oh, I do appreciate Margo’s expression of chin-rubbing craftiness in today’s final panel; it makes me think that perhaps there’s more to her terrible Lu Ann-needling than mere cruelty/paranoia. Could it be that she’s hoping to turn her blonde roommate into a foul-mouthed rage-ball — into someone more like Margo, in other words? The motivation could simply be that Margo thinks that being Margo-like is the best; however, she could also be attempting to drive Lu Ann into a dark mood that will translate into dark, moody, and highly profitable paintings. These roiling, abstract works will be the talk of a New York art scene bored with fern prints, and will make for a specialized series of greeting cards marketed to goths as well.

Shoe, 5/22/10

It’s too bad that this poor avian family cannot afford x-rays, because my first thought at seeing the Perfesser’s bizarre anatomy in panel one — the engorged torso, the limp, tiny, dangling legs — is to wonder what his skeletal structure might look like.