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Luann, 6/22/10

Hi, everybody! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get to the comics today, as I’ve been literally lying on the floor gibbering with rage and disgust about today’s Luann. Never have I been so sad to have been proven right in my prediction that more Tales of Ribaldry await us. In fact, I would argue that “accidental” nudity is at the heart of any Tale of Ribaldry. This strip is Tale of Ribaldrastic. It contains the exact combination of humiliation and arousal that puts the teeth of any right-thinking person on edge. John Irving can get away with this stuff, sometimes. Luann is not John Irving.

Still, let it never be said that even predicted outcomes don’t hold some surprises! For instance, panel three’s drawing of Luann, who, despite being appalled just moments earlier, is now thrusting out her chest and offering the reader a come-hither stare, is pretty much exactly what I might have expected. But I didn’t anticipate the loving attention that has been lavished on Gunther’s sexy legs in panel one.

Mark Trail, 6/22/10

This Mark Trail plot is a love letter to print publishing. Ol’ Sally, who doesn’t subscribe to a paper and gets all her news from Twitter, hasn’t heard about this big dog reward story; but everyone who’s still tuned into the lamestream media has been kept in the loop on this important info! It would be hilarious if dozens of newspaper aficionados descend on Sally’s filthy kennel, each determined to earn that money — hilarious until the whole thing ends up like the death of Chinese warlord Xiang Yu, with the reward being split five ways.

I have to say that I’d much rather contemplate the loving attention lavished on Gunther’s thighs than contemplate the loving attention lavished on villain-lady’s weird protruding disk-like chin. Is it artificial? Has she gotten a chin implant? Are artificial chins a thing now? Why am I always the last to know?