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Beetle Bailey, 7/2/10

I have to admit that I love the expressions of both characters here in panel two. The look of unalloyed happiness on Cookie’s face is pretty heartwarming; all the abuse he receives from most of the soldiers whom he serves doesn’t diminish his joy in food — either in preparing it or just watching a master eat it. And Sarge’s expression of earned self-satisfaction is also charming. At least there’s something he’s good at that doesn’t involve cruelty or violence (other than violence to his circulatory system, I guess).

Dick Tracy, 7/2/10

Wait, did I claim yesterday that Anja Nu was on the side of good? Ha ha, what the hell do I know, this is Dick Tracy, everyone’s trying to kill everyone else as painfully as possible, obviously.

Panel from Mary Worth, 7/2/10

I reproduce here this panel in isolation because I thought you’d all want to see, in as much detail as possible, the moment when the good drugs kicked in. See how Jenna’s eyes are bugging out? That’s because she can see through time, man.