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Jumble, 8/6/10

Well, the climax of the Jumble’s three-day slide into degradation and sleaze is frankly a little anticlimactic. A couple of bluehairs scandalized by porn? Enh. I’d prefer a couple of bluehairs discussing their favorite smut stars, myself. Still, points for rendering the lascivious leer on the gentleman in the poster so evocatively in the small space allotted.

Shoe, 8/6/10

It saddens me sometimes when I discover that I have an emotional connection to minor characters in even the lamest strips I cover. For instance, that bird-man on the left is longtime strip feature Senator Batson D. Belfrey! He should only be used to make toothless jokes about politics, or (occasionally) toothless jokes about alcoholism and/or man-sluttery. It irks me to find him here setting up a Generic Shoe Gag, when there are dozens of interchangeable clip-art Generic Shoe Birds that could be used for this purpose. For shame, Shoe creative team, for shame!

Luann, 8/6/10

You know, this is the sort of strip that gets me emails like “OMG Luann today OMG!” All I can say is: are Brad and Toni still not smelling each other, or at least doing so off-screen? Then everything is just fine with me, thanks. The loving depiction of Knute’s sexy shoulder blades is just icing on the cake.