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Mark Trail, 8/5/10

So yesterday’s Mark Trail — which I couldn’t even bring myself to comment on — featured an unleashed Sassy again lunging in the direction of vehicular death, proving that the dog finds suicide preferable to life with his hideous boy-master. However, they’ve been brought up short by the presence of a chain-link fence in the middle of the woods. I’m no outdoorsman, but that’s really not the sort of fence I imagine for a cattle farms. I think that Rusty and Sassy have been lured into a vast enclosure — a hidden gate slid silently shut behind them after they passed through it — where hidden cameras lurk everywhere. In a nearby mansion, a very exclusive group of gentlemen place bets on battles between little boys and freakish tree-dwelling woodchuck-like things. Will Sassy turn on Rusty once the woodchuck-thing knocks him to the ground?

Jumble, 8/5/10

Whoah, so yesterday, after I joked about back-alley dice games in the Jumble, the feature’s cartoonist promised that it was the “first jewel in the Jumble Triple Crown.” The action today has moved to a strip club, where we see a bored, exhausted dancer twirling sullenly for a sparse mid-afternoon crowd. One can only imagine what tomorrow might bring! Perhaps a junkie shown carefully injecting between his toes, with the clue “Why was Bob so careful not leave track marks?” (Answer: He was too “[V][E][I][N]”)

Mary Worth, 8/5/10

Mike, I’m sure you’re a meticulous planner and all, but if you’re planning on sucker-punching your dad, you shouldn’t get your fist all clenched up and ready to go before he even arrives. Likely the reason he always stands you up is he can see you standing there like that, ready for action, from across the park.