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Ziggy, 11/16/10

They’re something quite spooky about the setting for today’s Ziggy. Our hero, garbed in pajamas and a robe, is standing numbly in front of the television; the complete absence of any furniture indicates that he isn’t simply watching TV to while away a lonely evening, but has been woken from sleep by mysterious forces and drawn to the glowing screen. In fact, the television seems to be floating in midair on some sort of platform, making it all the more likely that it’s been possessed by some terrible demon. Naturally, as this foul spectre still exists within the confines of the Ziggy universe, it seeks not drive the title character to madness or drag his soul to hell, but only to depress him with life’s essential futility.

Gil Thorp, 11/16/10

Ha ha, not only is Cody a drug dealer, he’s a cheerfully unrepentant drug dealer. This plot is really going to test Gil’s strict not-giving-a-crap policy!