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Spider-Man, 11/17/10

You know, I mock the Spider-Man comic strip for its determined avoidance of superheroics, but to be honest there really are few things I find duller than superheroes and supervillains battling with one other. Spider-Man is still irritating because its title character is so relentlessly unlikable, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some of the non-Spidey-centered action. I’m really digging the Mole Man-Aunt May romance, for instance, and am particularly pleased that MJ is being put in her place for not recognizing the particular purpose each of these hideously garish gems will play in the complex and beautiful aged crone/underground monarch mating dance.

Mark Trail, 11/17/10

Oh my God: it’s Mark Trail, Undercover Fisherman! Deep in your heart, you know that everything you’ve experienced in your life so far has been leading up to this one beautiful moment.