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Ziggy, 11/20/10

Congratulations, comics reader! You’ve managed to wait patiently through 40-odd years of Ziggy to arrive at this, the ultimate Ziggy panel: the title character stares dumbly at a window carved out of the blank nothingness that is his universe, from which a customer service professional cheerfully insults him, for no reason anyone can fathom. Having expressed its inner purpose in its purest form, the strip ought at any moment to simply disappear in a puff of smoke, giving us all a long-awaited chance to move on with our new, Ziggy-free lives.

Herb and Jamaal, 11/20/10

Expecting to see her husband and his friend drooling over other women — or, perhaps in her heart of hearts, to see the two of them expressing the deep affection for each other she had always suspected — she instead found them engaged in something so much more harrowing: chicken necrophilia.

Mark Trail, 11/20/10

“No, seriously, my wife is dangerous and violent! You’ve got to get help, fast, before she finds out I’ve been talking to you!”