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Dick Tracy, 11/21/10

Hey, everybody, I’ve started reading the Sunday Dick Tracy! It sure is, um, horizontal. Anyway, the plotline just wrapping up here featured a rich man pretending to be a kindly hobo handing out money to good-hearted folks who deserved it, which naturally meant that he was history’s greatest monster. Giving away money, can you believe it? Obviously he was a fraud! Anyway, I kind of love Chief Liz’s threat in the final panel. “Oh, you thought the prospect of redistribution of wealth was terrifying, Dick? Well, in your next assignment there won’t be any wealth to speak of! That’s right, there’ll be no money at all! MU HA HA HA!” At least there also won’t be ATMs that serve as a convenient robbery site for shadowy, angular figures.

Panels from Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 11/21/10

Snuffy Smith throwaway panels, I’ve read Fred Basset. Fred Basset is a friend of mine. Snuffy Smith throwaway panels, you’re no Fred Basset.