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Hi and Lois, 12/5/10

It’s pretty common to see a Sunday strip where the throwaway panels ruin the rhythm of the storytelling; still, I’d like to think that what we see today is unspooling exactly as it happens. Hi just decides to ignore Lois’s initial suggestion to dine al fresco in the freezing cold, and remains deliberately obtuse even as she puts their icy picnic BBQ together. “Wait, she can’t really mean that, can she? Like, we’re eating outside? Outside outside?” Lois can endure any weather! She’s got her pink headband of warmth and safety to protect her!

Panel from Mary Worth, 12/5/10

Ah, yes, Jill isn’t just opposed to Adrian and Scott getting married; she is adamantly opposed to the very concept of marriage. Sacred union, feh! It would be vaguely daring if Jill were supposed to be some kind of radical who angrily rejects marriage as an institution, but I’m guessing in fact she just needs to learn How To Love, and Mary will be the one who teaches her. Didn’t we just have this storyline, where Dr. Mike couldn’t love until he made peace with his dying drunk vigilante dad? Yes, we did, and it was awesome, so hush your mouth and let this thing play out.

Panel from Judge Parker, 12/5/10