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Hello, everyone! Your comments of the week have arrived! Apologies, I only started keeping track of comments again when I returned from my trip — the depths of your epic mega-post are still unexplored. Also, cartoonists who may have missed it the first time around should check out my advertising special, for cartoonists! Half price ads for your pretty pictures!

Anyway, behold, your comment of the week!

“No, Trey Brooks! Don’t take off your scarf! That’s the only way we can tell which one you are!” –Spunde

And your very funny runners up!

“I love the look on Lu Ann’s face in the background of the second panel. Margo may be revving up to inflict a beating, but Lu Ann is all like, ‘Yay! Balloons!'” –Patrick

“‘No fouls called, everything goes!’ is exactly how I’d expect a Funky Winkerbean slashfic between Summer and Keisha to begin, with Ghost Lisa guiding her daughter’s hands as she checks her soulmate’s breasts for cancerous lumps. ‘Bring it!’, indeed.” –Ed Dravecky

“Jill is bringing an envelope with a hand-drawn card that she made in the form of a coupon stating that matrimony is just swell, and she, Jill, will marry one (1) eligible male of the bearer’s choice.” –[Old Man] Muffaroo

“Do you think the art directions in Judge Parker include things like ‘partially frame the scene with the jutting breasts of an attractive blonde in sunglasses’ or does that just happen naturally whenever the dialogue is dull law stuff?” –Aviatrix

“And just a heads-up, H & J, if you tell someone you were caught getting out of the shower, it’s pretty much assumed you were naked; you don’t have to keep saying it. Why the hell did you have to choose now to start getting all specific?” –Violet

“The can says ‘SPAM’ but we all know it’s the last two cans of the earthly remains of Barney Google. Bon appétit!” –zerowolf

“Mary can barely even conceal her derisive laughter behind her hors d’oeuvres as she watches this so-called ‘parental involvement’ unfold. ‘He’s your son, and he asked for your input,’ she thinks. ‘This is barely even meddling at all! Fucking amateur.’ –Doctor Handsome

That kid’s not gay. He’s obviously just a blackjack dealer.” –Ethan Shuster

“OK, so I have no idea what possesses Spider-Man to say ‘Holy Hannah!’. But whatever you do, don’t turn to Google to try to make sense of it: that way lies madness, or at least a vague feeling of disappointment in that you should probably be making better use of your time.” –Jester

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