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Mary Worth, 4/13/11

Speaking of sparks, the ones that were going off between Dr. Drew and Liza have pretty much burned out, if the way she’s staring at the bottom of her glass in panel one and her slack, heavy-lidded expression in panel two are any indication. Drew, we established hours ago that Liza thinks that both medicine and caring about her job are for chumps, so let’s can the “Oooh, being a doctor is so rewarding” blah blah, shall we?

Beetle Bailey, 4/13/11

Not going to lie to you: after seeing Otto wearing his uniform (or the underclothes he wears beneath his uniform) all the time, this strip kind of shocked me, since it read as full-on nudity.

Pluggers, 4/13/11

Sometimes pluggers have to rent out their work vehicle to school bus fetishists for orgies, just to make ends meet.