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Mary Worth, 4/23/11

Uh oh, it looks like Liza’s plan to seduce Dr. Drew, which was going so very well, has hit a snag. Dr. Drew is a sexy doctor, very much in demand for the ladies, and his attitude appears to be that he does not have to put up with people who pass off quotes from 15-year-old movies as their own woo-pitching. Either that or he suspects that Liza might actually be Tom Cruise, wearing a very clever disguise. Anyway, I hope the two of them work this out quickly, as they’re standing in the middle of the street and are liable to be hit by a car.

Hi and Lois, 4/23/11

Aww, it’s nice that Trixie is finally learning about full-throated marital hatred! Her parents are far too passive-aggressive in their attempts to emotionally destroy one another for someone her age to really get it.