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Funky Winkerbean, 5/7/11

You know, despite all the jokes I make about it, I’ve always assumed that the ghost of dead Lisa who lovingly watches Les and Cayla do it was, you know, a metaphor for Les’s inability to let go of the memory of his wife and commit whole-heartedly to his new relationship. But today’s strip reveals that spectral Lisa is all too real, and, moreover, that her glowing blue form is visible reflected in Les’s eyes while Cayla and he have sex. The fact that this didn’t result in her running screaming into the night, but instead just caused her to become even more grimly determined to screw the ghost away, pretty much means that she and Les deserve each other, forever.

Barney Google and Snuff Smith, 5/7/11

A lot of luddites will try to tell you that simple country folk have more meaningful interpersonal interactions because they don’t spend all day uploading adorable cat photos and emo song lyrics to their Tumblrs or whatever. But if today’s Snuffy Smith is correct, what they do instead is taunt each other by nailing signs to trees, which fails to impress me.