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Apartment 3-G, 7/22/11

At last, we’re beginning to see the dark secret that lurks behind the Linski clan’s happy facade: namely, that beloved matriarch Carol Linski is really a controlling monster.

  • “Keep the sound low; you know how mom is.” If even the slightest bit of extraneous noise filters through the walls and disturbs her, she flies into a violent rage.
  • “I wish Lu Ann could stay longer.” Carol keeps an iron grip on her children’s sexuality, refusing to let even her adult son have girlfriends sleep over.
  • Carol also interprets the Second Commandment’s ban on idols extremely strictly, forbidding any image in her home that might serve as an alternative to worship of the Lord. Thus, her youngest son isn’t allowed to hang up any posters of his football heroes; instead, he is only permitted to tack up a small hand-written sign extolling the Super Bowl as a general concept.

Beetle Bailey, 7/22/11

Fun fact that probably most of you but probably not all of you know: Beetle Bailey and Hi and Lois occupy the same fictional universe, as Beetle and Lois are siblings. So, what I’m trying to say is, Lois from Hi and Lois is or was having a sex affair with this tattooed fellow, who once killed a man, in prison.