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Rex Morgan, M.D., 8/12/11

Oh, hey, it’s beloved Rex Morgan ancillary character Niki, who entered our lives as a sinister purse snatcher but ended up becoming all-too-close with June and Rex alike. Of course, we all remember his polymorphously perverse antics, but we had almost as much fun with his mother, a frighteningly coiffed meth lab assistant who promised to leave illegal drugs behind her if only Rex would give her a job (and a key to the cabinet where all the yummy legal drugs are kept). And, hey, how is Niki’s mom? We sure haven’t heard much from her since the Morgans made their pity hire. This conversation could get awkward real fast if Kelly’s mom ends up replacing her!

Judge Parker, 8/12/11

Ha, Sophie’s very mild little double entendre is actually pretty funny! It sure is a change of pace from this strip’s usual take on sexuality, which generally takes the form of LOOK THIS LADY HAS TITS.

Apartment 3-G, 8/12/11

Wow, Paul, narcissistic much? “Paul, I was just thinking about you! Give me a minute — I just stepped out of the tub, so I’m all naked and dripping wet.” “Gosh, she was thinking about me! I sure am awesome! I like thinking about me too!”